• Question about Vegan Products?

    February 6    6
    Besides ingredients the only other thing to consider is animal testing, which on the bottle itself it specifically states no animal testing.. you're good to go.
    soro · 7 years ago
  • Good buy on a 2004 Tiburon GT?

    February 6    1
    That seems almost too good to be true! Just be sure to get that checked out by a mechanic to make sure it's in good shape. You don't want to buy something with a bunch of problems.
    I just ran a search for that car in my zip code and it came up for $11,100. It might be cheaper in your zip code, give it a try and make sure you're getting a good deal.
    Jazz · 7 years ago
  • No, return it. The girl should have listened to you. Their moisturiser isn't too bad but I much prefer more natural choices! Try some facial oils at night, Clarins do nice ones. This'll help muchly (helped me :D). I love Decleor products and find that these help my dry dry skin. Neals Yard are well good too but I don't know if they are available away from UK?
    oh helloooo · 7 years ago
  • Show this to your boss....
    Luong · 7 years ago
  • It seems to me that somewhere in past 3 decades or so, the morality and ethics have shifted.
    It used to be that justice was there more to protect the innocent and punish the guilty. Now its punish the guilty or find someone to punish.
    No one is presumed innocent. Not if you are a men anyway. There is a special treatment for rich, powerful, minorities and women.
    BratRich · 7 years ago
  • Eoghan--There's no such thing as an accidental pregnancy in the West? Do you REALLY believe this? Try telling that, then, to my best friend's step mom, who got pregnant at *48*, and did NOT want more children, especially since her youngest had developmental problems. She was devastated, but had the child anyway because of religious views. she was on the pill. It faile
    wendy g · 7 years ago
  • http://www.sdpsych.org/displaycommon.cfm...
    Also you may want to try check the reviews on the dr on a few sites
    ? · 7 years ago
  • if you don't have them replaced and the blades come off they will ruin your windshield in the car so i wouldn't wait,i go through about two sets every year,its part of the regular maintenance on a vehicle to replace them when needed,good luck.
    dodge man · 7 years ago
  • Problem with Garbage Disposal?

    February 6    9
    Tip #1 never put draino into a kitchen drain. There is too much organic material.
    Tip#2 They will see your cat sitting in the window when you are not home.
    As you have already put draino into the disposal it is still in there or some. Bad for your complexion.
    There is a reset button on the bottom of the disposal. Push it in. AND COVER THE DISPOSAL HOLE so the stuff
    Wp · 6 years ago
  • Ethical dilemma regarding work?

    February 6    6
    Who is more stupid: a person selling a million dollar sandwich or a person buying it? I would say the person buying it.
    Firstly, people who visit the tanning salon are the ones responsible for making their own decisions whether tanning is good for their health or not. They must do their own research prior to going for the services of a tanning salon.
    Secondly, you are i
    BRhen · 6 years ago
  • Here's some tips and ideas
    I have a 3 barrel curling iron. It's pretty easy to use. Here's a youtube tutorial:
    Use a flat iron to curl your hair instead of a curling iron (trust me, it works much better) Here's two different youtube tutorials:
    Someone · 6 years ago
  • Visine and Icing? Wow, I've struggled with pimples my whole life and i've never heard of that.. Anyway, Since you're low on time here's a few of my quick tips that i've discovered works amazingly. If you have powder foundation and a small brush, (preferably a small makeup brush, but something like a clean eyeshadow brush could work too) dab the brush in
    Alexandra · 6 years ago
  • It's a known glitch in any version of firefox 3.5.x.
    Enter "about:config" in the address bar, scroll down and find the entry "javascript.options.jit.content" and change it from "true" to "false" by double clicking on it. Restart the browser, and the problem should be fixed.
    Hope this helps.
    VnSin · 6 years ago
  • i think what's contributing to your drying out is that you're combining two topical acne medications - salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.
    i'm not handling salicylic acid very well and i've been using everything benzoyl peroxide and that's the only thing that seems to be working. i only put on a dab of benzoyl peroxide cream on breakouts before sl
    Lastochka · 6 years ago
  • Hey this might sound crazy but it really does work. Get a flat pan and put water and liquid dishwashing in it. Mix it so it has a film over the water. Then put it under a night light at night when you turn off all the other lights. During the night the fleas will jump in the water and get trapped.
    ? · 6 years ago
  • Redecorating a bedroom?

    February 6    2
    I would really recommend Ikea. They have a huge selection of bedding. Alot of basics ( i am pretty sure they offer dark plum sheets.)
    You could also try Urban outfitter for Duvet covers, they have some really cute ones for a
    ron_is_cool · 6 years ago
  • Just start with the basics...
    Shop for neutrals - blacks especially, but also browns and grays. Neutrals go with anything, so you're more likely to wear them regularly rather than just have them sit in the closet.
    Get a pair of good fitting dark wash jeans. Dark denim can be semi-formal if worn with a nice blouse and blazer, but you can also throw on a t-shirt an
    ώï╚Ð╒└өώɛґ · 6 years ago
  • Well this one hurts my brain. Wifi is always good, sounds like a good idea considering the people and their smart phones.
    But considering a wedding about two people getting married, would you want people to be tempted to get on their phones ?
    It would be good for uploading pics straight from phones , but could become a 21st century classic distraction .
    Will S · 3 years ago
  • A themed party would be nice,,, like use the colour red for love and white for your wedding and put a balloon on each table just married or somethink like that and Flowers on the tables....... Buy a wedding guest book sooo all your family an
  • Snow white or Red Riding Hood as "Lilith"
    Would love to read!!
    Tangela · 3 years ago
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