• You cannot change other people, you can only change the way you react to them. You should not feel any guilt by moving on without this person in your life. if you choose to give them another chance later in life that is fine but be very cautious. Obviously they have some great pain and issues and need to work on them.
    Empower One Another★ · 7 years ago
  • Yes it is normal. But it is also part of "The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side Of The Fence" syndrome.
    When my now ex-wife was staying at home for several months after our daughter was born, I could see day to day her brain turning to mush. and her life seemed to revolve around how many dirty diapers she changed that day and Oprah.
    I had to force her
    Chuckles · 7 years ago
  • i am going though that right now. its presidents day and nothing open except for some reason we are. dead, slow, phones have been silent. and it is not even 2pm and i get off at 5pm......but i bet the 4 hours that i have between the time i get off and go to bed with fly by like nothing.
    can you say ANNOYING!
    MJ Boulevard · 7 years ago
  • It's been proven that time goes by fast when you have fun.
    try and have fun and don't look at the clock even once.
    Things will seem much more faster that way
    Aaron T · 7 years ago
  • What does Strike Again mean ?

    February 5    1
    I believe it means to rise or attack again.
    You can call me God. · 7 years ago
  • Maybe that person is your destiny lol
    Seek Peace and Truth · 7 years ago
  • Hi,
    1. a³-9a²+14a=0
    a(a² - 9a + 14) = 0
    a(a - 7)(a - 2) = 0
    a = 0 or 7 or 2 <==ANSWER
    2. x^4 -14x²+45=0
    (x² - 9)(x² - 5) = 0
    (x - 3)(x + 3)(x² - 5) = 0
    x² - 5 = 0
    x² = 5 or x - 3 = 0 or x + 3 = 0
    x = ±√5 or x = 3 or x = -3 <==ANSWER
    3. x^4-13x²+36=0
    (x² - 9)(x² - 4) = 0
    (x - 3)(x + 3)(x - 2)(x + 2) = 0
    Pi R Squared · 4 years ago
  • 1st: two people hugging and kissing in the rose's center
    2nd: the side of a woman's face on the left of the tiger's face.
    :) Make more of these!!
    Yahoo! Answers Expert ♥ · 8 years ago
  • x-3>-11 x > -8 x is greater than, but not including 8 so we need a parantheses on the number line. D (-8, ∞) And its an open bracket for infinity because infinity is not bounded and is not really a number. Kind of hard to believe that guy h
  • im not good with riddles?
    eddies_advocate ™ · 8 years ago
  • I did try, but everybody had beat me to it. Shucks...
    CJ · 9 years ago
  • You were being insulted, whether in a mean or a friendly manner I can't say. 'Marica' is a Spanish street word for a male homosexual, 'mariposa' means butterfly, 'puno' you possibly misheard for 'puto' which means male prostitute, 'beso' means a kiss. I'm not familiar with 'mocoso'. "Loco' means
    Pilgrim · 7 years ago
  • Let:
    A be the station with the 17d 15m measurement,
    B be the station with the 78d 10m measurement,
    C be the point on the ground directly below the balloon D.
    AB = AC - BC = 10 km. ...(1)
    From triangle ACD:
    AC / CD = cot(17d 15m)
    AC = CD cot(17d 15m) ...(2)
    From triangle BCD:
    BC / CD = cot(78d 10m)
    BC = CD cot(78d 10m) ...(3)
    Rackbrane · 8 years ago
  • Trigonometry doubt..plz help?

    February 5    4
    Not only 90 degree triangles but other triangles also. Trigonometry is based on the unit circle, a unit radius of 1 whether 1 mm, 1 inch or 1 mile. On an X Y axis with zero in the center, draw a circle out from the center. Call the radius 1. Then pick any point on the circle then draw a straight line to the X axis that forms a 90 degree angle with that X axis. The sine of
    johnsongaronm · 7 years ago
  • So, where is the problem? We can only help if there is a problem posted. We may be good in Math but I don't think anyone here is a mind reader.
    Pointy · 7 years ago
  • its a little complicated to show on the p.c. how to solve this.
    point a and point b are 10kms apart.
    draw a line depicting 10kms, say.
    and then draw the angles of 17deg.15min. and 78deg.10min. and wherever these two meet up, u get the balloon. now using basic height/base/perpendicular formulae of a triangle coupled with basic trigonometric (heights and dist
    themanwhosold · 8 years ago
  • Probably simplest to mix your own; even if you do find someone selling it, it will be expensive.redbeardthegiant0
  • What will be your reaction?

    February 5    9
    Great Answer by Kandy :D
    I guess, I would like to be that begger, begging in front of Kandy!!
    I will surely give her Rs.500 in return and like this she will try to have the upper hand...
    In the end (after her cash gets exhausted), the situation will be, I will give her my visiting card (Yes, I do have one :P) and she will give me her ATM card!!!
    This tim
    Incredible Indian!!! · 7 years ago
  • Your problem isn't that your ugly (cause your not), your problem is that you have no self esteem. That might be why you haven't had a boyfriend yet, guys like girls who have self confidence. Its a very attractive trait. Also just because you don't have a boyfriend YET, that doesn't mean you wont ever have one. Your only 13. Your still a child that is ve
    Angie · 6 years ago
  • Somebody? plz help?

    February 5    9
    y?? do you wanna get someone in trouble??!
    TwinyC · 8 years ago
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