• I have one question?? What the heck time is dinner at your house?? That sounds absolutely wonderful and delicious, except for the turkey tails thing!!
    Ginny · 8 years ago
  • We have always had both ham & turkey in the past. We had to give away meat from our freezer after Thanksgiving because the refrigerator bit the dust. I think our ham and turkey money has to go toward a replacement refrigerator. Heck of a way to diet huh? We will enjoy what ever we have though.
    My cents worth · 6 years ago
  • its simple, you tell partner b that ur mum has invited partner a, and for the sake of enjoyin christmas and your daughter enjoying chrismas partner a and b make the effort.
    edit... i know how u must feel though.. my fella has a son with his ex, luckilyfor me shes a grade A ***** and my fellas family want nothin to do with her, but if she was nice and they invited her for xm
    *Xx Ashleigh xX* · 8 years ago
  • DisneyWorld on Christmas Day?

    February 7    4
    Yes the decorations, visits with Santa, Candle Light Processional, Osborne Family lights Cinderella's Holiday Wish Stage Show, Mickey's Jingle Jungle Parade etc will be taking place while you are there. Some activities will end Dec 24 (IE visits Santa Clause)while others will continue until Dec 30- Jan 3.
    ETA: It isn&
    sha_lyn68 · 5 years ago
  • Christmas survey? :D?

    February 7    9
    1. Yes
    2. My home
    3. Family -- Probably mostly my husband, son, and uncle. Maybe a few others.
    4. Do you remember the Charlie Brown Christmas tree? A few steps above that.
    5. Already have ^^
    6. Seeing my son have fun :) and remembering the birth of Christ.
    7. Husband -- Money. Son -- Toys. Everyone else -- A video Christmas card. Were to brok
    Why do I bother? · 3 years ago
  • My children and their families always gathered at my house for Christmas day and dinner. Now I'm a widow and have downsized to a much smaller home and our family has increased. I no longer have the room so we all get together at my daughter's large home.
    For many years, beginning when my children were small, I always planned a "Bingo" Christmas party
    Bunny · 5 years ago
  • Why you posting questions about me?!?! j/k =)
    They must've have been a boy or girl scout. Remember their motto: "Be Prepared"
    (Is it sad I carry around 2? I'm not a wino, I'm a wine yes)
    Jakarta Worker · 8 years ago
  • vince
    shortieroksmysox · 8 years ago
  • no wear a cute dress and nice heels
    §†∂®§ & §†®∂P§ · 8 years ago
  • I've decided to be nicer on Answers, as I keep getting violation notices, because I let people wind me up. I also have to lose 28 pounds, to get into the new coat my hubby bought me for Christmas. Happy new year to you!!!
    'Er indoors!! · 8 years ago
  • No! People who do look like freaks. You dont look cool. And it looks horrible in public in the workplace. You can get a guy without having these funky peircings. I say way to go mom!
    cherylmom2kids · 8 years ago
  • patd doesnt have the '!' anymore :)
    tokio_blade · 8 years ago
  • the kind of noise they produce is so bad that it cannot be called music!
    the current pop stars have turned our kids into a bunch of loud mouthed, tacky and culture- less crowd.
    all music that there is today is loud, bad and only about boy-girl thing and that too so crude and vulgar and our youth just mirror it in very walk of life.
    very young school kids behave/dres
    HOTSTAR · 6 years ago
  • Moshers in my opinion, are young people who dress in dark moody clothing, with crazy hairstyles. different to emos though, as they aren't so fancy about looking good, much more tougher and hardcore, have more fun and don't moan about life and relationships all day. Overall, they are much less vain, earlier breed of emos, it's a shame emos took over, because they
    ╚Jabbra╗ · 6 years ago
  • Best Welsh newcomer - 2004
    Metal Hammer's "Golden God" - 2006
    And 4 from kerrang
    Best British Newcomer - 2005
    Best UK single (tear's don't fall) - 2006
    Best British band - 2008
    Best British band - 2009
    Luke · 6 years ago
  • He does have a great smile, and a cute laugh. I like that he's hot and a bit of a geek, and seems to not take himself too seriously.
    Catlady · 6 years ago
  • You have Deviantart which is a major creative website.
    Another one to try (if you havent got it) would be Tumblr. You can set out your page as you want it (Even create your own design if your good with Html etc). Basically a personafied page for yourself.
    Post writing, quotes, pictures, drawings.
    You can uniquely create one just for your own art.
    Take a look at
    Adam · 5 years ago
  • i wouldn't wear tights, unless they were skin colored. but maybe try oxford shoes that match the ribbon?iloveyou♥8I would wear these shoeshttp://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://s3.amazonaws.com/wedding_prod/photos/7645f6c85dc384
  • Blue! blue makes everything better! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWmF_2u-9nk
    Claudiaah! · 5 years ago
  • put ice on it. i never have room in my fridge, and i put my turkey one ICE in a cooler and never have a problem.
    countrychick · 3 years ago
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