• Call the parents. Tell them that she claims she fell, but you have checked her and she seems fine, and that you have put ice on it.
    It sounds to me as if the child wants her parents, and has discovered that they will come home, and give her attention, if she claims an injury. BUT... she could actually be falling, and feel pain.. she's not old enough to know if it
    Jamie · 3 years ago
  • He might very well be seeking attention, but if there really is something going on, then this might be his way of reaching out for help. A lot of people handle these situations very differently. I used to cut, but I only showed them to people I knew I could trust and only if they asked to see them.
    kfries42 · 3 years ago
  • Don't know.
    domal · 7 years ago
  • Braided pigtails are simple and can look really cute. A high ponytail is always cute. Or just leaving your hair down. You could also scrunch it to add a beachy wave. Have a great summer :)✷
  • Nervous about high school. Tips?

    February 14    5
    Yayyy freshman's :) woot woot. haha i'm going to be a freshamn too.
    Anyway just be yourself, there's wayyyy more people in high school than in middle school & you'll find better people in there than you had in middle school. Also try to be more open minded, but not to open minded lol. Try to get to know a person before you judge them cause they can b
    che™ · 6 years ago
  • What's your favorite music genre?

    February 14    9
    Rap/Hip-Hop and R&B
    - н!|®!|м! -™ · 6 years ago
  • 0h m3 g0D. Th@t 1$ L1k3 t0tzz cut3!
    What's with all of these fashion questions? Not to sound like a tool, but isn't this the wrong section?
    Anyway, my girlfriend doesn't really wear things like that, but it'd look good with those shorts. To be honest, guys don't really care about fashion and we could care less about what your wearing. Girls onl
    Alec · 6 years ago
  • Yeah I have really long, curly and thick hair and I used to hate it when I was 14, all of my friends had straight hair and I wanted it so bad.
    I have straight hair now, but I try to give my hair breaks and use heat protection when using straighteners or curling irons.
    Just go to the hairdressers and they will sort it out for you, if you hair is too thick they will thin
    ExoticPrincess · 6 years ago
  • Who his favorite world cup team is.
    If he says Brazil, you say Germany.
    If he says Germany, you say Brazil.
    If he says he doesn't like soccer, say 'Well maybe I don't like you :-P'
    It hurts da biddy · 6 years ago
  • Final Exam Question.?

    February 14    1
    No you want get any credit for failing and why do you want to fail you last exams all I will tell you is go and study hard
    ? · 5 years ago
  • How to simplify this expression?

    February 14    2
    just cross out the x+7's and the answer is (x-4)
    and the reason you got the x+7 and x-4 is because 7 and 4 multiply to 28 and add up to 3 :)
    Hope i helped!
    Kayla43 · 5 years ago
  • Just get the license and grow up, dont be pussy
    Alif · 3 years ago
  • I am having the same problem.. The messages I send are at the correct time, just yesterday, and the ones I receive are from today, the correct time. Matt, I saw where y'all contacted AT&T, did they give a timeframe on how long this might last? My phone started doing it about 10:30pm CST last night and it has done it all day today, I've removed the battery, let it
    Zack · 3 years ago
  • Is my head injury serious?

    February 14    1
    Usually a blow serious enough to knock you unconscious requires medical care. Watch the wounds for infection, apply a thin coat of antibiotic ointment to help cut down on scarring, and apply warm compresses to the eye several times a day. If you experience nausea or vomiting, or develop a headache that will not go away, see a Doctor.
    Randy K · 5 years ago
  • I would go. If nothing else, I'm guessing you may have some serious pain to deal with by tomorrow, and if you go in and are examined today, you will be able to get pain medication without going in again tomorrow. It doesn't hurt to be evaluated for neurologic signs/ symptoms, even though you were not knocked unconscious. I advise you to go.
    gallop · 6 years ago
  • If you are worried you need to go see the doctor.
    Zoe · 7 years ago
  • Its first recorded appearance is found in The Lancaster (Pennsylvania) Journal in 1818: "We have in Lancaster as many Taverns as you can shake a stick at" But where it originally come from I don't know. My own theory is this...... To shake a stick at someone is a reaction when threatened, so if one or two persons are threatening you, shaking a stick (a weapon) at
    JEP · 6 years ago
  • I've had nearly a dozen items disappear but I don't think no spirits did it. Most of the time things that have vanished stayed gone; only two or three things ever came back. I found those two items in a very unlikely place many days later, a
  • Hi Wes!
    From a Christian perspective I find this to a very interesting question, since I believe God talks to everyone differently, but loves us all the same. I sort of compare it to a parent-child relationship. For example, my father dealt with me differently than he dealt with my younger sister, since my sister and I both have different ideas and needs as individuals wi
    Suzi♥Bℓu · 7 years ago
  • That happens to me sometimes too. i hear shouting sometimes in my head as i drift to sleep or as i'm waking up.
    Also, if i think hard enough about a song i can actually hear it even if it's not playing.
    Vindictive Vagina · 7 years ago
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