• What is your need? How will we know
    DPC · 7 years ago
  • Nickelback Fans 10 POINT PRIZE?

    February 12    9
    Fight For All the Wrong Reasons and Animals :)) animals is my fave :D heheee
    ashley™[[lovesux]] · 8 years ago
  • What kind of prizes for points?

    February 12    9
    Great ideas! I could use some restaurant gift cards and maybe some Amazon.com bucks. Right now I would love to have a new refrigerator LOL but would be happy with a Barnes and Noble or Sharper Image certificate! Some good products to give away would be Zum and Aveda, for me. Actually I would enjoy some Dove coupons, ice cream or candy.
    whrldpz · 9 years ago
  • Yahoo points / prizes?

    February 12    9
    ooooh, oooooh
    one level for an mp3 player
    one level for a computer
    one level for a gift certificate
    one level for Yahoo! trinkets.
    Lamar's Alarm · 8 years ago
  • You can get divorced regardless of the reason, but those documents will definitely help sway the judge when determining who gets what.
    By the way - I'm so sorry this happened to you. I know you must be devastated. What a jerk!
    Mel · 8 years ago
  • In some ways yes because he has to adjust from being in an entirely different situation including not sleeping in the same bed. Time adjustment as well as it is hard to go from one time zone to another. Then add in stress as well and you hov
  • Be careful. There are loads of scam web sites out there claiming to help you get a military pen pal. Contact your nearest offices of the USO and Red Cross. They will often be able to give you reliable and safe information. Also, if the is a
  • I serverd our country once in VietNam and have been a big supporter of our troups and the country that we are blessed to live in. I am in an Electric Wheelchair and instead of having the normal orange banner flying so people can see me I fly the US FLAG and one of my two hats. one says I serverd with pride UNITED STATES ARMY and the other one Is black and says in proud bold let
    wizard_lonely · 8 years ago
  • Trump is now the sole candidate I know of who has actually said a lot about what he would do. Makes all of the others Mystery Candidates. My question does NOT mean I have decided yet, would like some REAL INFO from all candidates first. Bear
  • Dummy or dummy no dummy?

    February 12    8
    i did it slowly, take it off them during the day and put it out of sight then only give it at nap time or bedtime if ur little 1 no longer naps during the day, slowly u try bedtime without it!!thats when i found it hardest
    i also stopped taking it out with us if we were out & about
    try to distract them if they start to cry for it
    its not easy x x
    mum_2_many · 7 years ago
  • Whats important to know?

    February 12    9
    Hard work ethic, self control, and wisdom
    hailstorm · 8 years ago
  • Sex. (nobody else is saying it!) Trust and love, humor, friendship, having fun with each other, actually liking each other, loyalty, compromise, having things in common and having a strong physical attraction and a great sex life are the most important things in having a healthy romantic relationship...
    Pink, it's my new Obsession · 6 years ago
  • Balance.... the entire Universe is ruled by this principle and all our mental concerns and inadequacies can be traced to some imbalance within our self. Extremes can be exciting, but being totally prone to reactions, can never be soothing and reassuring in the true sense. At the base level of operating life, the principle of balance simply translates to self-control in order to
    small · 6 years ago
  • Are you Frank Lampard or Steven Gerrard?
    half asleep · 9 years ago
  • England Will Win World Cup 2010?

    February 12    9
    the best players will be in their 30s therfore making England a very experienced side so i guess this is an advantage.
    will be a good blend of youth and experienced players Rooney, Micah Richards maturing therfore we have just a much a chance of everyone else.
    Keep Believing!!!
    Worlds Greatest! · 8 years ago
  • Would England win the world cup?

    February 12    9
    Ultimately they lost to Germany.
    KL@SSE @KT · 6 years ago
  • Can England win the world cup?

    February 12    9
    I believe England can win. The team is strong enough and what needs to be worked on is team cohesion and self belief.
    RED · 7 years ago
  • Simple riddle?

    February 12    9
    its funny how we always associate doctors with being male. it confuses the mind for a moment. then we realize the doctor must be the boys mother. how fun!
    thanks for sharing,
    lily · 9 years ago
  • Riddle (requires simple logic)?

    February 12    9
    Level 1 - Seed shaped?
    Level 2 - since it doubles every minute - 59 minutes.
    Level 3 - 16 * 625
    It does seem that I'm the only one with enough patience for this.
    Scydron · 8 years ago
  • A simple challenging riddle?

    February 12    9
    the larger Indian is the smaller Indian's mother
    Anonymous · 10 years ago
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