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Barack Obama Putting People To Work? Part 2

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Welcome to Part 2. If you were confused as to the direction I was headed last week, let me help you understand with these final thoughts on the problem at hand that many Americans are facing. Is our Government doing everything it can? The American Government is so complex that I will not even try […]

Do You Know A Special Person in Northwest Indiana?

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We are proud to introduce this new section about Special People that live, or have lived in Northwest Indiana! There are so many people out there that should be recognized for their acts of kindness, giving, caring, and other related wonderful things. We think it will be fantastic to have these Special People posted here […]

Barack Obama Putting People To work? Part 1

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This is 1 of 2 parts on my views of current plans to put Americans back to work and for the current status on bank bailout issues. You can read in most of the major news syndications in the web this week that President Barack Obama has a new plan in store for creating new […]

Christmas Thoughts 2009 – Happy Holidays

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Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays 2009 The Holidays and Christmas are upon us once again and the team at would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays and leave you with a few words that we have gathered. With different religions and beliefs, Christmas may have different meanings as well as […]