NWIMe.com is owned and operated by Blurp Media Company. All of the material within this website is related to news, media and entertainment.  With over 23 years of experience in web design and media marketing, we intend on taking that experience and making an all-out effort to create not only a website, but a community of people that would like to stay connected with each other in Northwest Indiana and the surrounding areas to enjoy the valuable resources that we can all offer each other.

The idea for NWIMe.com originally came about because of a few reasons.  One reason is because it is hard to find a reliable source in Northwest Indiana for a variety of entertainment, news and sources.  Another reason is that Northwest Indiana needs something to corral the major media potential that this region has and we intend on doing just that!

It is our belief that a strong community can withstand just about anything that gets put in front of it because power, success and a helping hand is the result of unity!  There are so many people that are willing to get involved with certain issues in the community but do not really know how to do it, so it is time to connect the dots to create that special community.

We have many plans for the future which include charity events, public exposure and many other valuable contributions to this great Region that we are in but we need your help!  Please have a look at our sections and categories and comment to those that you feel that you would like to voice an opinion or praise for.  Also, load our Contact Us box up with as much mail as you would like to express your viewer opinions as to what you would like to see at NWIMe.com to create a personal community for us all to enjoy!


Always remember, NWIMe is not about Us… it’s all about You, Northwest Indiana and Maximum News and Entertainment!

Any questions, comments, requests or opinions can be made by clicking the Contact Us tab at the top of our site, or the link that you’ve just passed.

We all need a little entertainment in our lives, so please pitch in and help a great community get connected!


Thank you very much for visiting NWIMe.com!

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