Northwest Indiana is going to be exploding with true basketball entertainment tomorrow night at the Crown Point High School Gymnasium and the Me Gang will be right there with you!


The original, world famous Harlem Globetrotters are set to take the floor at the Crown Point High School gymnasium at 7:00 PM to entertain an audience of many in this high energy performance in Northwest Indiana.

The Me Gang’s Greg Harper had a few words on the phone with Blenda Rodriguez, the 4th season guard of the Globetrotters the other day and he had some great things to say.

Greg H.: How much practice do you and the other players have to do in order to create the magic that you do on the court as far as trick shots and all that the Globetrotters do?

Blenda: We play about double the amount of games that the teams in the NBA do, so we are on the road a lot. We usually arrive at the playing arena about 2 to 3 hours before the game so that we can get warmed up and get a good feel for where we are playing. We always feel like we are playing on home court by the time we start the game.

Greg H.: The Globetrotters have always been a unique team as far as special talent in basketball and entertainment. What inspired you to do what you do and to be where you are today with the Globetrotters?

Blenda: I grew up watching the Globetrotters. I watched and studied their every move. I have always tried to be creative and innovative with my own moves and through the years, I developed my own type of ball handling skills. “Pistol Pete” Maravich was an excellent ball handler in the NBA and was a big influence in my life and career trail. I love the game of basketball but ball handling has always been tops on my list of talents that I had true passion for.

Greg H.: Can you share a couple of secrets that led you to some of the ticks and ball handling skills that you have?

Blenda: I started with trying to mimic the Globetrotter’s every move, pass and the way they did their trick shots. I have created some of my tricks from different types of sports moves, for instance;

I do a trick that is kind of like a swimming type move to where I put the ball on top of my fingers and do a sort of a swimming type motion. I also have a boxing type move to where your guards are up and the ball is in between my arms and then I have another move that I call the Helicopter to where I put my arms out and the ball behind my neck and then twirl in a helicopter type motion.

Greg H.: What can you say about the upcoming game in Crown Point, and can you share a few words with the fans in Northwest Indiana about what they can expect to see?

Blenda: Absolutely, I would like to say that we are very excited to see our fans in N.W. Indiana. Bring your Moms, Dads, Uncles, Sisters, Brothers, your kids and your friends because we have a great show for you. We will deliver the goods as always with trick shots and all that we do including our new four point shot. We always appreciate the support that we get in the Midwest and we’re not about to let anyone down. We are all about Family Fun and entertainment but we also take our gaming skills very serious.

Blenda finished by saying that they are there for the fans. After the game, they set the game clock for 30 minutes so that they can spend a little time signing autographs and meeting some fans, then it’s time to shower up and get back on the bus.

I would like to thank Blenda Rodriguez for taking time out of his busy schedule to say a few words to Northwest Indiana and the Me Gang.

For those of you who still need tickets, they are still available at and at the Crown Point High School Gym the day of the game which is Wednesday, January 26th 2011 at 7:00 PM .

We’ll see you there!

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