Here is the Top 10 Box Office List for the weekend of January 14th thru the 16th.

  1. The Green Hornet
  2. The Dilemma
  3. True Grit
  4. The King’s Speech
  5. Black Swan
  6. Little Fockers
  7. Tron Legacy
  8. Yogi Bear
  9. The Fighter
  10. Season of the Witch

How about that.  Both new movies ended up at the top of this weeks list.  The Green Hornet opened up with $34M this weekend and the number two film, The Dilemma, ended up with $17.4 at the Box Office knocking the reigning champ, True Grit back to number three.  After 3 weeks in the theatres, True Grit has shown just how tough it is by lassoing over $126M.

The King’s Speech has jumped up four spots to number four with $9M this weekend.  Their distributor has put a lot of money into TV commercials to let people know this film exists and a great script has helped draw an average of $5800 per theatre.  The only two movies that did better in that column were this weeks winners and The Dilemma only beat it by $46 per theatre.

Once again, Black Swan comes in at number five and with its total nearing the $75M mark, this film has turned a healthy profit for Fox Searchlight.  The original production budget of $13M probably seemed like a risk for a movie about ballet but now that it has done so well are we going to see more ballet films?  Probably not but if they add a few explosions and car chases I might be interested.

Two of the three films with the most precipitous drop this weekend were Little Fockers and Tron Legacy.  Both films have been in theatres for a few weeks now and their per theatre average is near the bottom of the list.  Little Fockers is still in almost 3,400 theatres so that does not bode well for this movie.  Tron Legacy is only doing slightly better per theatre but the number of theatres is steadily dropping so hanging on for another week is not guaranteed for this one either.

Yogi Bear has had steadily declining numbers and at number nine on the per theatre list, this one is a candidate for removal from the Top 10 List.  The Fighter lost two spots but the per theatre numbers are still good and had it been in as many theatres as Yogi Bear, it would have beaten out Tron Legacy.

This weeks falling star award goes to Season of the Witch. Dropping 7 spots from number three to number ten, this movie was also at the bottom of the per theatre average list.  After two weeks, Season of the Witch has yet to break the $20M milestone; in fact it has yet to crack $18M.  It only beat Tangled by just over $500K and that was due in part to the number of theatres that Tangled is still being shown in.  Even with my limited prediction skills, I would have to say that this movie will be in second run theatres before you know it.

Next weekend, Natalie Portman has a major release coming to out and with all of the advertising this film is getting she will have two films in the Top 10.  There is one more major release slated for next weekend and one limited release so odds are two of the movies that you see this weekend won’t be around next weekend.  We have added a lot of movie trailers to our video section so take a look.

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