Here is the Top 10 Box Office List for the weekend of January 7th thru the 9th.

  1. True Grit
  2. Little Fockers
  3. Season of the Witch
  4. Tron Legacy
  5. Black Swan
  6. Country Strong
  7. The Fighter
  8. The King’s Speech
  9. Yogi Bear
  10. Tangled

Well, I missed the boat again, Season of the Witch bumped Tron Legacy down a notch.  While it beat it in total Box Office receipts at $10.7M, it is in 600 more theatres and the take per theatre is slightly less.

The number one and number two just changed places this weekend with True Grit
jumping to number one with a$15M weekend.  It is still trailing Little Fockers by $13.5M in total Box Office but both films have eclipsed the $100M mark and show no signs of slowing down.  However, next week will test their mettle with a couple of movies that Hollywood has been advertising all over the place.  Check back Tuesday to see my predictions.

The big surprise this weekend and the last few weeks for that matter is the Ballet film Black Swan.  Who would have thought that a film about Ballet would have the kind of draw that this one does but every weekend it continues to show big numbers.  It is in half of the number of theatres as Tron Legacy but it only missed the number four spot by $1.5M.  While it did move up four spots from number nine, the weekend total is basically the same as last weekend so it moved up more in response to the bottom six films losing their appeal.  Two weeks from now I will be marveling at the fact that Natalie Portman has two movies in the top 10.

The newcomer to the list is the drama Country Strong.  This was the first weekend in wide release after its initial release on December 22nd.  It is still not making as much per theatre as Black Swan but it is close and $7.3M is nothing to sneeze at unless you paid too much to make the movie.  The reported production budget is a mere $15M so if it gets picked up by a few more theatres, this movie could make a few bucks for Sony.

The Fighter is still showing strong per theatre numbers keeping it at number eight but last weeks surprise, The King’s Speech has jumped up a couple spots to number eight.  It has lost a little in the per theatre category but not as much as this weekends number nine and number ten films.

Yogi Bear brought in $6.8M this weekend and has just broken the $75M mark but after a few weeks in release, it probably won’t have enough to survive next weekends cut.  Rounding out the list at number ten is the final Disney Princess film (until they decide they need more princess films) Tangled.  Pulling in a dismal (for a Disney film) $5.2M this weekend, it brings the total to over $175M.  While that is not earth shattering for a Disney film it will probably do very well in second run theatres and in DVD sales.  I predict we won’t see Tangled on next weeks list either.

The next few weeks are going to be interesting with all of the big budget movies coming out.  Movies are going to need to be really good to last more than a week or two.  Even Justin Beber is going to have a tough time.

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