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Achievement Martial Arts

786 North McCool Road

Unit 6

Valparaiso, Indiana, 46383

(219) 759-3905


Martial Arts, Self defense and karate for kids is just getting started! We offer professional instruction and classes for a wide variety of sports such as MMA, taekwondo, cardio kickboxing, weight loss and more.

Give your children the tools they need to succeed in life. Martial Arts teaches the vital skills it takes to be a leader in today’s world. In the first four weeks of training, you will not only see marked improvement in balance and fitness, but you will see how we teach goal setting, self-discipline, respect and perseverance.

Class Information

Tiger Cubs Ages 3-6

4:00pm to 4:30pm M-W-F This program is designed to give younger students a physical and group activity that helps to encourage focus, discipline and respect all while having fun learning basic martial arts techniques.

Basic Ages 7-12

4:45pm to 5:35pm M-W-F 4:45pm to 5:35pm tues-thurs Saturday 12:00 pm This program is designed to give students the introduction into Martial Arts. Students will practice basic techniques in a way that will help them understand the core values of Martial Arts.

Advanced Ages 7-12

5:45pm to 6:35pm M-W-F This program is the next step up from Basic. Once students complete basic training they can take their techniques and apply them to more advanced activities and towards their black belt.

Adult Classes Ages 13 and up

6:45pm to 7:45pm M-W-F This program is basic and black belt training geared more towards self defense and fitness.

Cardio All ages

7:45pm to 8:45pm M-W-F This program is a high paced cardio workout with a mix of kick boxing and body weight exercises. Excellent work out!

Jiu Jitsu Classes Now Available! All ages

7:30pm to 9:00pm Tuesday and Thursday. This is a new class we are offering. Please call us for more details!

An Interview with Achievement Martial Arts

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About Us

Achievement Martial Arts is a family oriented school where we focus on building the core values of martial arts. confidence, Focus, Respect and Discipline are at the root of what we teach through the sport and its techniques. We believe in setting and achieving personal goals. Our goal, as a school and as instructors individually, is to build champions, not just in the sport but in life as well.

Chief Instructor, Mr. Aaron Johnson has seen first-hand how martial arts beneifts individuals of all ages. Mr. Johnson, 3rd degree blackbelt has trained for over 20 years. He has taught martial arts for over 10 years. Mr. Johnson has won many competitions and earned many titles from his success over the years, however, he finds more reward in helping others succeed and reach their potential and goals.

Many sports offer the benefit of physical fitness, but the sport of martial arts offers much more. Martial Arts offers not only the physical benefits, but the benefit of individual development of life skills, which is essential for success both mentally and physically. Martial Arts is a very hands on sport. There are no benchwarmers at A.M.A. Each class consists of a group activity, but at the same time, focuses on personal development. The goal is to constantly and consistently improve and to continuously challenge yourself to be your personal best. your most important competitor is yourself.

A.M.A. offers classes for ages 3 on up. When you are looking for a first time sports program for your child(ren) or a new, fun and challenging way to stay in shape, A.M.A. has something that fits your needs. You will find that at A.M.A. it is more than just a place to work out and leave. Friendships are built and a martial arts family is created.

For more information, call me at 219-759-3905 and ask how to receive EXTRA SAVINGS by signing up TODAY!

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