Saturday, March 24, 2018

NWI Chambers of Commerce

State of Indiana Flag.Northwest Indiana has a very active business community, and your local Chamber of Commerce is a vital part of that.

The typical role of a Chamber of Commerce office is to build alliance with local businesses in a specific area to provide a positive impact for quality business practice, a voice in public policy, promote economic development and more.

Through active involvement of its members, ideas and strategies are brought together to better a community. They also get involved with social activities, events and other things to help people get enjoyment from the area they live in as well as create opportunities for people and businesses.

If you are a local business in Northwest Indiana or just a citizen living in a community, you should have a look at what your local Chamber of Commerce has to offer.

Help Keep Northwest Indiana Connected!

Click a link for your Northwest Indiana County below to find the local Chamber of Commerce in or around your city or town:

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