The Magic That The Holidays Can Bring:


The presents get opened and the days are filled with cheer, but let’s not forget the people that are around us all during the year.

New beginnings are born and families are brought together, but let’s not forget the friends that we treasure.

Life can be lonely when nobody is around, so let’s all do our part in making a cheerful sound. Children will laugh and people will sing but opening your eyes can be a very insightful thing.

Taking life for granted can be a very easy thing to do, but if you look around the World, there are many things that we can do.

The Holidays can be warm when you make it your plan, but the magic you give to people can indeed be grand.

So open your hearts so the World can hear, and make the Holiday Magic spread throughout the year!

Warmest Wishes and Happy Holidays from the staff of NWIMe.com!

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