It is that time of year again to celebrate a Holiday that brings different thoughts to the hearts of people around the United States and in different parts of the World.

A day that has traditionally brought people and families together to enjoy a fantastic meal that was prepared from the heart. A day for people to stop and think of the people that you don’t have the time to think about in our busy everyday lives. A day to show appreciation to the family members we love, or to share a meal with someone who needs to be around some warmth and happiness.

Some have thoughts and give thanks to the historians who have made it possible for this National Holiday to exist and truly feel the meaning. Some folks simply give thanks to God that this wonderful Holiday exists period.

We here at hope that everybody in Northwest Indiana, and people all around the World who celebrate this wonderful Holiday, share a plate with someone you love or care about, and to have great thoughts of cheer throughout the day.

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