Welcome to The Me Zone with Me…

Ricky Z.!

mezoneI would like to introduce myself, I am Ricky Z. and I am very excited to launch the free speech section known as The Me Zone. We will be posting our first post tomorrow, 12-13-2008 and I hope that you will enjoy it  I do apologize if I come off as being a little sarcastic or brassy at times but I speak my mind and that’s all there is to it so fasten your seat belts!

I do occasionally find a few good things to talk about too… We’ll See!

You can expect to hear about topics such as politics, sports, and what is going on in the World today, plus a few added extras from time to time.

We will also be adding a few features in the months to come to add a little excitement to our section. We will post these features as they progress.

Please stay tuned to The Me Zone as I will feature a new column each week and I do very much welcome member comments no matter if they are good or bad so post those comments, I can take the good with the bad!

If you have any questions or concerns about The Me Zone, you can e-mail me here at the site at rickyz@nwime.com or contact the site by visiting their Contact Us tab located at the top of the homepage.

thumbCya Soon!

Ricky Z.

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