I am MeMouth!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here at NwiMe.com, but you will be seeing me from time to time posting announcements, news, events and many other things that are happening in Northwest Indiana.

Not so long ago, I was created to be a part of a group that call themselves: The Me Gang! They have a passion for people, places, and things that go on in our communities, and it’s time to get them back in gear!

There are so many things that have changed in the last several years and the world has been faced with many new challenges; Covid-19, to name one, is something we have had to deal with and it alone has changed the way people live and conduct their businesses. NwiMe.com will also be posting news and related information that have to do with this horrible pandemic until we are clear of its wrath.

There are many other things that The Me Gang has in store, so please tune in and check it out because after all, it’s “All About You”!

See you soon!

MeMouth Character

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