Introducing our NWI Regional Golf Course Map

Northwest Indiana has many great golf courses to challenge any type of golfer. From the local 9 hole business course to the 18 hole courses for outings, tournaments and recreation; whatever you are looking for in golf, you will find it in Northwest Indiana.

Using the map is easy. Just move your pointer to an area where you would like some more detail and roll your mouse wheel to zoom in or out. You can also use the controls in the upper left hand corner to move and zoom. You can choose from a map view, a satellite view to see an actual aerial view of the course, a combination of map and satellite or a terrain view. As Northwest Indiana is not known for its mountainous terrain, the last option does not show much more than the actual map view.

Each little green golfer is the location of a course and you can mouse over it to see the name of the course or click on it to open a detail box with the address and phone number.

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You might even find a course you didn’t even know was there!