yay_picWell it is 2009 in the wonderful State of Indiana and it is time to get rocking!

We are going to take 2009 as an opportunity for not only this site, but for those who would like to get involved. We will be shaping, adding, deleting, and all sorts of good stuff to ensure that NWIMe.com will be a success for everyone!

Ricky Z. and the rest of the Gang are getting cranked up to show their stuff but We Need You!

NWIMe.com will be covering many different avenues this year and we would love to hear what you have to say about that! Entertainment, Media and Indiana Merchants are just a few areas that we are going to be covering to keep Northwest Indiana connected. We are counting on our readers and supporters to give us the robust and quality that everyone deserves because afterall NWIMe.com is all about You!

Some of the things to look forward to in 2009:

  • Entertainment,  Fun Ideas and IN. Information
  • The Me Zone w/ Ricky Z.
  • Northwest Area Happenings.
  • Northwest Indiana Classifieds
  • Meet Your Indiana Business (Interviews)
  • Needed Community Information
  • Indiana Events and News

And More…

You will soon be hearing and reading about the NWIMe.com Gang hitting the streets! We are going to be surfacing in different places to get our readers connected as well as creating a little fun! Please join us in upcoming events! We will be where the good times are and we hope that you are there too!

we-want-you1If you would like to contact us to express your opinion(s) and/or get involved with one of our sections, or if you have a great suggestion for a new section, please click the Contact Us link that you just read past!

Let’s all make 2009 a great year!

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