Memorial Day 2010

Memorial Day is here once again. This is the time of year when our veterans are to be honored that have fallen, and made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the freedom that we all have.

It’s the time of year when we need to stop to pay tribute to those who allow us to pursue the dream of life,  and to pay our respects. Some of us have lost family and friends in the brutal wars of past and present, but we should also have empathy for others that have suffered the same.

The term “Memorial Day” was first introduced in 1882, but became more common after World War ll. Memorial Day actually became official by Federal law in 1967. In 1971, it became an official holiday, and is now celebrated on the last Monday of May.

The National remembrance takes place at 3 PM but it is an American tradition to raise the American flag to half mass from dawn until noon to honor those brave soldiers that died for our Country.

Many take this holiday to enjoy time with their families, and has become a day when Summer activities begin which is wonderful, but let’s not forget what this holiday is all about!

God bless America, God bless the soldiers that have died to protect our freedom, God bless the future of Mankind, and of course the people in the whole World!

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