The new movie releases for December 17th, 2010 have something for everyone. There is something for the family, something for sci-fi fans and a date night movie.

First up on our list is the movie version of the Hanna-Barbera classic cartoon Yogi Bear.  This movie will rock the Top 10 list.  A movie coming out on the weekend that kids are getting out for the Christmas break of a cartoon that many of their parents watched as children.  How can this not do at least $50M?

Sci-Fi fans, the wait is over.  28 years after the release of the original, Tron Legacy is finally here.  The original opened up at number two but will there be enough interest in a 3D sequel?  After all this time the concept might draw an entirely new audience so it could do well but the idea of being pulled into a cyber universe is nothing new.  Curiosity will sell some tickets but not enough to burn up the Top 10 list.  I say no higher than number six.

For those of you looking for a date night movie with lots of stars and a love triangle, How Do You Know opens on Friday after a huge advertising push.  Reese Witherspoon sells movie tickets as does Jack Nicholson and Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson have made a number of excellent movies (who can forget Paul Rudd’s tirade about Michael McDonald in 40 Year Old Virgin?) so it would figure that this movie is definitely worth the price of admission.  This might have the draw to end up at number two so check back on Sunday to see who takes home the prize.

A side note for this weekend.  Black Swan is movie to wide release this weekend so while its not a new release it is a critically acclaimed movie that has been gaining steam.  Don’t be surprised if this movie moves up from its number six spot on the list.

Next weekend is the Christmas weekend and three big movies are poised to take the top three spots on the Top 10 List so check back next week for more information so you can stay tuned and stay informed.

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