The new movie releases for January 14th, 2011 include a comedy, a classic 60’s TV show brought to the big screen and for those fans of limited release pictures, a RomComDram.

We will start of this weeks list with a couple of my favorite actors Vince Vaughn and Kevin James pairing up in the comedy The Dilemma.  This looks like box office gold.  Vaughn has a way of making any writers script seem like there was no other choice for the part and James can deliver physical comedy like no other.  I believe that this movie will have the draw to unseat the current Top 10 Leaders.

The other big budget movie coming out this weekend is the film version of a 60’s classic TV Show.  The Green Hornet looks to deliver some drama, some action and some laughs.  Starring Seth Rogen as Brit Reid and in his first major role, Jay Chou as his sidekick Kato.  It looks as though Chou may turn out to be the big star in this movie as Rogen serves as the bungling comic relief.  Either way, one of these two movies is going to end up at number one and if I could only see one it would probably be The Green Hornet as there doesn’t appear to be any explosions in The Dilemma.

Okay, so we have gone over this weekends number one and number two movies but there is a movie in limited release that will probably not make enough to crack the Top 10 this weekend but Barney’s Version will eventually end up in wide release and should have no problem spending some time on the Top 10 List.  This film stars Paul Giamatti, and with his reputation for saving the films he’s in, this one will be no exception.  Backed up by an all star cast, Giamatti takes you into the crazy world of Barney Panofsky.

Next week there are a couple of big budget releases including a RomCom and a drama that should do well at the Box Office so stay tuned and stay informed.

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