The new movie release for January 7th, 2011 is a supernatural thriller.

Oscar winner Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman star in Season of the Witch, set in the 14th century.  Although probably not for the real young kids or the faint of heart, this film looks to be exciting and visually appealing and with Nicolas Cage, you know its going to have a plot twist.  With movies like The Wicker Man and Ghost Rider under his belt, it should be no problem for him to transport the movie goer back in time.

Due to last weekends lack of new movies in theatres, the current releases have had an additional week to age like a fine wine or a stinky cheese depending on which movies you saw giving Season of the Witch a better shot at the number two or three spot.  I don’t know if a supernatural thriller has enough draw to unseat the current number one Little Fockers or the number two True Grit but I have been wrong consistently so that means that this probably won’t even bump Tron Legacy off its perch.

Next week we have two big movies coming out; a comedy and an action comedy and before I even go into details, one of those movies is going to be a number one.  Either that or I will be wrong again.

So stay tuned and stay informed in 2011 with

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