After last weekends slam dunk Megamind topped the list, this weekend has something for the older kids.

Box office heartthrobs Denzel Washington and Chris Pine are set to fill some theatre seats this weekend with the edge of your seat action thriller Unstoppable.  If you like trains, action and the big D, reserve your tickets now.  I predict that this movie will be our Top 10 leader.  Check back Sunday to see if I am right.

Box office superstars Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton star with “newcomer” Rachel  McAdams in the romantic comedy Morning Glory.  She has an impressive filmography and this will certainly add to her star power.  As the romantic interest in Wedding Crashers she was funny with that touch of vulnerability and this weekend we should see some more of that.

Sci-Fi fans should flock to the theatres this weekend for Skyline, the latest from Universal Pictures and Hydraulx (the people who did the effects for 300 and Avatar).  The aliens are back and they are looking to rid the Earth of humanity using state of the art digital effects and surround sound.  I love science fiction and loud movies so if you see me at the theatre, shhhhh, I’m watching the movie.

Next week, is the first part of the last installment of the Harry Potter series, just in time for the holidays, so stay tuned and stay informed!

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