Last weekends new releases, Unstoppable, Morning Glory and Skyline could not draw enough viewers to unseat the returning champion Megamind.

However, for those of you have been waiting, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 is coming to a theatre near you.  If the history of the franchise holds true, Megamind doesn’t stand a chance.

The average for the opening weekend for the first six Harry Potter movies is over $88M and even if this turns out to be at the low end of their openings at $77M, this means the theatres will still be crowded.  The totals so far for Harry Potter is over $1.7B in domestic box office.  If you want to see it this weekend, I recommend a showtime during the dinner hour between 5 and 6.  Most people are hungry and want dinner so if you can plan a meal before that, the theatres are generally less crowded.

If you are looking for a drama, this weekends other release looks great. Lionsgate’s latest thriller The Next Three Days stars Academy Award Winner Russel Crowe and Elizabeth Banks and if the trailer is any indication of how good the movie is, this one will keep you on the edge of your seat

Next week, the new releases come out on Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving.  This is typically a big opening night for movies and Hollywood has plenty in store for you including the latest animated adventure from Disney and the latest revenge movie starring Dwayne Johnson, so stay tuned and stay informed!

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