We are proud to announce the official opening of the NWIMe.com Events Calendar!

We are adding this very important section to our website to further the connection for the people in Northwest Indiana and the surrounding areas.

Our Events Calendar is for everybody, well almost everybody that is! You can submit many different event types such as Community Events, Family Fun, School and Education Related Events, Fundraisers, Music and Theater, Out of State Events, all the way to what your Local Restaurant has on special for a particular day.

You can easily access it by clicking on the Events Calendar Tab at the top of our site, but before you do, please read below:

Features you ask? You bet!

Our events calendar has many unique features that you will not find in many standard event calendars such as:

  • Categorized Sections to search and/or plan events for a particular event type such as Family Fun, Fundraisers etc. etc.
  • Custom Google Maps that are specific to an area in which an event is located, complete with Driving Directions and a Weather Link for that specific area.
  • Complete Details with full contact information for your event such as a direct link to your website, email address contact, contact person details, pricing, address info as well as how much to get in a particular event whether it is free or paid, and more…
  • Event Registration: You can also set the event up your event complete with a RSVP tab to have your viewers register with your event with an easy click of a button while visiting your page. You also have a RSVP Counter letting you know how many people have signed up as well as an Attendance Limits.
  • Newsletter Section that allows you to have specific events for All, or your Favorite type of events that are emailed to you to let you know when something is coming up
  • Bookmarking Section: You can easily add events to your favorite social bookmarking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, as well as add them to you’re your Google and Yahoo Calendars on your personal web browser and more with an easy click of a button.
  • Optional Location Maps that show a unique and personal view for your events. Click on our Locations tab to view. (Contact us for information regarding this feature)

You can even add our events in your personal website with a very easy Java Application located in our Tools section.

We invite you to have a look at our new section and start submitting your events, and if you have any questions, feedback or suggestions at all, or if you would like to inquire about any specialized features such as locations and/or advertising in our Events Calendar section, you can submit your request by clicking on any of our Contact Us tabs located within the NWIMe.com site. Or you can Click HERE.

If you have any questions regarding our events calendar, you can call: 219-472-5170

Terms of Service:

We will not have our official Terms of Service for our Events Calendar displayed until approx, 2-15-2010, so this special Note below will serve as a temporary one to abide by in the meantime.

Note: NWIMe.com reserves the right to refuse any type of event and/or ad in our Events Calendar as we see fit. Further, NWIMe.com will not allow any type of content such as Racial, Nudity, or any type of content that may offend the intended audience of our website.

We hope you enjoy!

And always remember… NWIMe.com is All About You!

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