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As we explained in Part 1, we have made some changes and are confident that people will find them useful and entertaining. In addition, we have a list of new features that are about to launch that we would like to outline for you.

Changes we’ve made for 2011

We have changed our Community Info to Community Connect. This was a planned category change that is a vital a part of the entire Connection that we have had in mind since day one.

Like our slogan says; “Keeping Northwest Indiana Connected” and we intend to do just that! You will find many sources of Community Information within this category including a quick reference to some very important things such as, Emergency Numbers, Local Zip Codes, NWI Local Schools, Hospitals and much more. Have a look!

This is another category change that we have made that focuses on people having a quick reference to local entertainment sources such as Family Fun, Sports, Music Venues, NWI Movie Theatres and more! You will find popular attractions in there such as Deep River Waterpark, U.S Steel Yard (Home of the Gary SouthShore RailCats), Star Plaza Theatre and we with more to come soon.

Again, Tell Us What You Want To See!

The pages in the Things To Do section are also another big part of our Northwest Indiana Connection. We will be working on this in a big way through the year 2011 and beyond.

Get Involved!

Take a few minutes if you would and click some buttons in the different categories that we have to offer and you will see what our mission is here.

We would love to hear some feedback! We would also love to hear some of your ideas on how to improve the NWIMe.com site.


We have 3 easy ways to contact us:

  1. Email to: info@nwime.com
  2. Call us at: 708-576-8804
  3. EZ Contact Us form at the top of our site

What’s coming next?

January 2011 is a great time for us here. We are unleashing a few goodies that we are confident that people will approve of such as:

City Connect

We are going further in to the connection stream. We currently have different information that can either be viewed by County or by our Region but we are digging deeper!

We have put together one of the final parts to the NWIMe.com Connection and you will be seeing it next week! We will be featuring a city by city view of what is going on in a particular city. This is a big process but we are going to stay on it until we get it right!

We will announce the details when we launch this section, but we are very excited to be putting this in to gear!

Northwest Indiana Golf CoursesWho Likes to Golf?

We have a treat in store for you!

That’s all we are going to say right now about this, but please stay tuned to see what we have planned.

We are proud to say that we are approaching 19,000 views at the videos that we have in our Video Community and we are just getting started!

We are currently making modifications to add more features as well as a new look!

Coupons Anyone?

Next week also starts the launch for our new Coupon Connect which will be excellent for the community we feel. We will be searching the NWI Region and getting local businesses and organizations involved to display their specials and offers that will save you money, or to offer a good way to do something with your family and/or friends at a discounted price.

There are many other things that the future will bring to NWIMe.com. There may be some things that we just don’t want to share until they are ready to go, but we will say this, after the results that we’ve experienced in our 2010 trial year… We are here to stay, thanks to you Northwest Indiana!

Thank you once again to the people, businesses and organizations that have supported us so far up to this point and we do hope to see some new people following us this year as well as hearing some great idea’s to make NWIMe.com… Northwest Indiana’s first choice in community, news, business, entertainment and more!

After all, NWIMe.com is All About You, and Maximum Entertainment!


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