The restaurant industry has taken a turn in the last couple of years due to budget minded families having to keep a tight watch on their spending.

Since the start of the economic tumble, the restaurant industry has changed their marketing strategies, which has proven to be a great plus for us, the consumers.

Dollar menus, family deals and all you can eat specials have been par for the course to get people out of their chairs and in to a local restaurant.

The fact is that if you find the right place to eat, you can actually get dinner for the family cheaper than going to the grocery store and doing it yourself, and even more so for one or two people.

The team at has decided to go on a mission to search out some of these great places to get a good deal at in Northwest Indiana. In our pursuit, we are also going to be talking to restaurant owners, managers and staff to get their recommendations and views.

We will be following up this story in the coming weeks with assorted interviews and features in hopes to bring a good meal to the people of Northwest Indiana…at a good price.

Let’s survive this tough economy!


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