The Team takes a trip to Deep River Waterpark in Merrillville Indiana.

Deep River Water Park - Merrillville IndianaThe weather was excellent in Northwest Indiana, and the Deep River Waterpark was filled with people as our team stopped by for a visit. The park is filled with lots of different rides and amenities as well as places to relax and have fun in the sun. We spent several hours at the park which was how long it took to get around the park to see everything that they have to offer. We were very impressed at the amount of fun that the kids and people were having that day!

There are Deep River Waterpark staff members everywhere which makes you feel very comfortable when bringing the kids.

We spoke to Sasha Mateer, Operations Manager at the water park and she told us that the kids have been lining up this season, and if you’ve have ever been there, you would see why!

Sasha also told us that there is always something going on at the park as far as activities. B96 was there that day for instance and we saw many people crowding to their booth to get promo items and to meet their staff. On Sunday, July 18th, SpongBob will drop by for a visit to spend some time with the kids.

They have a long list of events scheduled for the rest of the summer at Deep River Waterpark which can be seen at their website by clicking HERE.

All in all, Deep River Waterpark gets a 5 star rating from the Me Team for Fun For All Ages in Northwest Indiana. It is also a quick trip from Illinois with it being just 30 minutes from the border.

We’ve put together a few pictures to show the people in Northwest Indiana what fun they could have by taking a trip out to Deep River Waterpark. You can have a look by clicking HERE.

For rates, directions, or any information, you can visit their website at

It’s Simply Splashtastic!




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