The need for a new healthcare overhaul has been very apparent for a good while and President Barack Obama has made it his top domestic priority to solve that problem but is his newly proposed plan good for the American people?

President Obama has made some very eloquent speeches to the American obama-healthcarepeople about this new bill and has told Americans that it is an attempt to ensure that all people will have a fair healthcare plan in place to make sure that people get the care they need for themselves and their families as well as attacking current pre-existing conditions and other health goodies such as mammograms that do not get covered by some of the current insurance companies.

It all sounds good but what is the price?

Well on top of the price tag that has been estimated to rise to the 1 Trillion mark, the healthcare plan has some teeth attached to it. The proposed plan will have penalties attached to it. American citizens that do not choose to obtain health coverage could face stiff fines as well as possible jail time in some cases and it will all be policed through the Internal Revenue service according to the Joint Committee on taxation. Under the questioning from Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.), committee’s chief of staff Thomas Bartold said that the IRS would take you to court and undertake normal collection proceedings for an individual mandate penalty to the tune of up to $1900.00 and President Obama stated that this would not be a form of a tax increase.

Things are heating up in Washington!

The new healthcare proposal is causing a heated battle in Washington and as democrats-vs.-republicansusual the Democrats and the Republicans have different views on where this plan will lead to. The Democrat party is expected to have the majority vote when it comes time to get the new healthcare plan approved which was a major concern on Wednesday as the Republicans gained two wins in the Virginia and New Jersey Governor race but Democrats said the outcome would not sidetrack President Barack Obama’s top domestic priority, a sweeping healthcare overhaul.

The fact is that even with the election turnout this week, Democrats will have 258 seats in the 435-member House, where 218 votes are needed to pass the healthcare overhaul bill so the task of the Democratic party will be convincing the skeptical Democratic waverers that the healthcare bill is a needed to ensure a majority vote.

What would this plan do for the Medical industry?

Many doctors all over the United States are already screaming “Socialized Medicine” and have made many different statements such as stating that it may time for early retirement from some of them. Many doctors fear that by adding literally millions more to their client list. Some also say that it would cheapen the quality of healthcare that people receive because of the amount of people waiting to see the doctor. England for instance adopted a Government ran healthcare plan in 1948 which gave free healthcare and medicine to all of their citizens. They have since revised their plan to include small fees for doctor visits and such but the plan just doesn’t work. The fact is that people are still waiting several months to receive necessary medical procedures which cost them their life in many cases and many doctors here in the United States say that we would be heading down the same road quick!

Would it be another form of Government control?

Some people say that the proposed healthcare plan would be a direct medical-computerconflict of our United States Constitution. The Federal Government would have records from birth until death of all of your medical and healthcare activity. Who would be able to access all of your information submitted to the database in which you would be a part of? Just about everything you do in society is a matter of public record so do we want to strengthen that? All good questions!

Now I will admit one thing, we need a healthcare overhaul and we need it quick. There have been failed attempts by Clinton and Bush in the past to change or overhaul the healthcare system and we defiantly need a plan in place that will care for the people as well as be something that will not break the Federal bank but it is in my opinion that this newly proposed plan is not the ticket!

What are your thoughts? Voice your opinion!

I am just presenting some facts as well as opinions about the Obama healthcare proposition but we need to talk about this. Please feel free to comment as to your thoughts on this because after all, it is supposed to be We The People!

What is the best choice for us all?

Ricky Z.

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