I would like to say before this story is read that I am a proud American! I support the American Automakers and there fight to survive in the hard economic times that they are all facing!

(Part 1) By Ricky Z.

One thing I have always liked about NASCAR is that when you see the cars on the track, you know that the cars all have about the same type of engine and specs. NASCAR regulates the amount of horsepower and other specs to ensure that it will be a fair race for everyone. Is our Government following the same type of rules for our American Businesses and Workers?

uaw-officialsThe United Auto Workers (UAW) union for instance, was formed in 1935 to form a fair relationship between the companies and their workers. Through the 1900s the UAW focused on the American worker which brought a new dance to the way that companies treated their workers which has worked very effectively. They proved that unity can be a powerful way to get things accomplished with a majority type ruling and it started to spread to other industries as well. The UAW was also one of the first to organize African American workers as well as many other very important issues which was a clear view that they were acting on behalf of the people instead of what the rest of the United States were doing.

Sound like a good plan?

I say that it is always a good plan to force fair treatment for workers that are dedicating their lives to a company but who pays the price?

Although the UAW and other unions alike have proven that they can get the job done, I have always looked at our Government as being the Main Union for all of us. I do feel that we the people, or we the taxpayers I should say, have been bamboozled with what is going on today though! There has been so much manipulation in Congress and in the News lately that it is starting to make me sick!

It is a fact that the Big 3 (Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors) have had their ups and downs through history but why are they in the Government’s spotlight now? The Automakers bailout package is the main focus in the news currently and the gut of it is that Congress wants the big three to sharpen up the way they do business, and claim that if they continue to do business the way that they have been is a sure cry for bankruptcy and they are right in my opinion but what was the cause of this?

I say, why does the Government care?

us-congress-puppetIt seems that our Government should have regulated the way that foreign car makers conduct their business here in the USA but they haven’t at all in my opinion! They surely knew that allowing the foreign car makers to set up manufacturing plants in the US. And by employing workers at half the labor rate, and with no union, would have its reckoning day and that day is now!

The Ford Motor Company has been going through some bold changes and everyone is upset at the fact that many jobs are being lost because of the bold move that Ford has taken in the last couple of years with the UAW. It appears that Ford is attempting to oust the UAW so that the new employee rates can hopefully bring them in the running with the success that the foreign car makers have had which sounds like a bad thing but if they didn’t they would be dead for sure. Is that a wrong decision?

I know one thing: There are sure a lot of people being damaged financially because all of this which affects families and businesses all over the Country and it is time to do something about this I feel! It’s not just the auto workers that are being affected by this.

Where am I going with this? What is the answer? What can We The People do?

All good questions!

Please stay tuned to Part 2 of this story as we will have it published next week, but in the meantime, we would love to hear your questions and/or comments on this subject thus far!

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