The people of Northwest Indiana might want to consider crossing the border over to Chicago next month.

The new movie, Transformers 3 which is currently in production will be filmed in part in Downtown Chicago starting July 10th and is scheduled until August 19th.

The expected revenue to be drawn in to the City of Chicago is 20 Million and is expected to create around 200 jobs.

Not only is this a good thing for the economy in our surrounding area, but it will also be something to do if you would like to go down and see if you can possibly wiggle yourself in to an extra’s spot. It will also be something exciting to see if you are in to watching movies being made.  Either way, it is a very cool thing to see coming in our area.

Click HERE to see a press release video from Mayor Daley.

The following is a press release made by Mayor Daley in Chicago:

Mayor Richard M. Daley announced today that “Transformers 3”, the next installment of the successful movie series, will film in Chicago July 10-August 19 with an estimated impact on the local economy of at least $20 million and the creation of more than 200 jobs.

“Moving forward, we must act with new ideas and new thinking — and we are — to help the private sector create jobs in Chicago and to keep our City at the top of everyone’s lists as a business location, a vacation destination and as a place to live, work and raise a family,” Daley said in a news conference held at City Hall.

“We view the film industry as an important component of our economic development strategy for the future of Chicago, because movies made in Chicago showcase our City to the world, create excitement about it and provide jobs for our residents,” he said.

“Transformers 3” will be directed by Michael Bay and produced by Ian Bryce and Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, who was present at the news conference. It is slated for release in 2011.

Daley also announced that the production will employ ten Chicago Public Schools students as paid interns.

The students are from the City’s South and West Sides, where they have already worked on video and music production projects through a Chicago Pubic Schools partnership with the non-profit organization Free Spirit Media.

The Mayor said that since 1989, more than 900 film and television projects have contributed more than $1.65 billion dollars to the local economy and provided more than 275,000 local hires.

He said it has been a “very good year” so far for Chicago’s film industry.

This past Spring, an unprecedented number of television pilots were shot here and one of them — called “Ride Along” – has been picked up and will be shot entirely in Chicago.

That means almost year-round employment for 200 local technicians and actors and an economic impact of $40-50 million per season, the Mayor said.

In addition, the feature film project of director Ron Howard starring Chicagoan Vince Vaughn has been shooting here since mid-May and will continue until mid-August.

“One of the reasons that Chicago is so attractive to producers is that it provides them with a variety of settings, both modern and historical. And many of the world’s most talented actors live in Chicago, so filmmakers know that they can hire many of their actors right here – saving money without sacrificing quality,” Daley said.

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