Service, The Way It Used To Be!

The team visited Terry’s Mobil in Crown Point Indiana last week for an interview, and it was a delight to spend a few minutes with Terry Lee, the owner.

My Personal Experience:

This all started when I was at St. Anthony’s Hospital and ran into a little problem. I was in a hurry that day because my parents were being discharged from the hospital after both having heart attacks. I was using my father’s car that day to pick them up in so they would be comfortable in their own vehicle going home.

The reason I mention this is because when I got to the hospital I noticed that one of the tires was low on air, so I went to the closest gas station, Terry’s Mobil which was right around the corner from the hospital. I was surprised to find that they offered free air there for public use, which you rarely find anymore, but after talking to Terry I was even more impressed. They also offer a full service gas pump area, which you also don’t see a lot of anymore.

They were very busy at the time but Terry insisted that he drop what he was doing to get the tire fixed to get my parents home safe and in a timely manner. To top it off he offered me a free carwash with the repair so that my parents would have a clean car to go home in which I thought was real class! While talking to Terry at the time, I decided that this experience should be something that people in Northwest Indiana should read about, so we decided to do an interview of Terry Lee and his gas/service station.

Terry's Mobil - Crown Point IndianaThe Interview:

When I first called the station to make the appointment, the person I spoke to said that Terry was busy working on a car because a lady was going to be late for work so I had to call back, which again impressed me.  We finally spoke with Terry and drove out to see him. His cashier, who was a family member, was very courteous when we arrived and we actually spoke to him while he was working on a customer repair.

We asked him why he offers some of these out of the ordinary things of today’s way of doing business and he had this to say:

“I’ve been in the service business for many years, and I’ve always thought that personal service was the only way to run a business. Service stations in the older days offered services such as full service gas pumps, checking your oil, quick repairs, and personalized service that you could trust and rely on, so that is what we try to do here. I like treating people like I like to be treated.”

Terry also told us that he has been at that location for 21 years and has been the owner of the station for about 14 years. He is right across the street from the Lake County Fairgrounds on Court Street and he tells us that he has seen a lot of action over the years. His station is in a part of Crown Point that many people pass by but I’m sure that some of these people don’t realize the type of business that they are passing up by not stopping in. On the other hand, while we were there doing our interview, many people stopped in to just say hello which says a lot about his character.

Terry Lee is the perfect example of what a business needs to be like in today’s society in our opinion. It is a very competitive world out there but a business such as Terry’s Mobil makes it easy when deciding who to trust.

Terry’s Mobil Station is located at 998 South Court Street in Crown Point Indiana. If you like the way things used to be, stop by for a taste of a good old fashion friendly business! END

Terry's Mobil Service - Crown Point Indiana